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Learn USA
Technics, Trances, Trainings and Transformational Tools
Welcome to LEARN USA Downloads "For a Fee" section where you'll find priceless Technics, Trances and Trainings serving as Transformational Tools. Quick and easy download.
Do it! Purchase and download custom designed audios (.mp3s), entrancing videos (.mp4s - streaming coming soon) and power packed .pdf's (of writings) along with access to our tantalizing ScreenCasts and ETC™ Online Webinars and Telenars (live and recorded).

We are so excited to provide you this excellent opportunity to access resources designed specifically to propel you towards living more fully and maximizing your performance and achievement in life. Our goal is to make this site one that you will visit often to "access the resources to enrich your life, your relationships and your performance". Take a look-see at what we offer you just below and make sure to refer your friends or associates to the site as well. It is designed to change their life for the better!

Click links just below to visit Download departments:


Here's how it works, just keeping it simple and easy!
You can Purchase:
        • Technics OR Trances - For $4.95
        • Technics AND Trances - Just $9.95
        • Technics, Trances AND Training - Only $14.95
          • Also "extended" Trances, Technics or Training mini-series.

Watch - Listen - Learn - Lead! Live Your Life to the Fullest!


Simply put, we have the best technics on the planet to help you "bridge-to-action" for your maximum benefit and "Fit".

We help you through real practice experiences to condition your self for success mindfirst, to take what you think and put it into action so that you can get maximum results and pleasure in life.

Enjoy the various technics, short and sweet exercises, to train your brain-body-being and behavior for breakthrough performance. Technics you can do to make the difference. That's Right!


We provide you "mini-trainings" and short vignettes so that you can learn at an accelerated rate from the most advanced communication and performance technologies on the planet.

Elvis will enthuse and inspire you to "come from your best operating states, strategies and skills" to create what he calls "Breakthrough Performances" in any situation you encounter. Join in the fun and learning so that you can...

Access the resources
to enrich your life!

Oooh! Why not go inside and relax and release and unwind and let go of any tension or stress. Or, better yet, optimize your experience and align your best resources and come from them when you need them most.

Yes, you can with the power of hypnotic trance, learn at an accelerate rate, model and create more ways of being and doing that will give you a sense of empowerment and courage to take whatever action is required of you to succeed in life. That might just be a little downtime or uptime.

You decide what you want most and we can help you through guided self-hypnosis audio and video downloads by Elvis Lester. InJoy!

Taking Care of Trance!




Click here to Give Us Feedback! If you have an idea in mind for a product you'd like Elvis to provide, whether it is an audio or a video of a specific technic or trance or mini-training, let us know. We invite you to feel free to make suggestions as Elvis is always interested in creating new products and adding to the downloads. We appreciate your input so that you can output much more.

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Elvis Lester is conducting business as LEARN USA. As owner and producer of this website, Elvis Lester owns, reserves all rights and claims copyright protection for all audio, video, multi-media products including ScreenCasts, webinars (recorded and live) as well as any graphics or text provided via the website (unless otherwise stated). Elvis Lester claims exclusive rights to all of the information and products as well as their written descriptions. No portion of this website may be reproduced whatsoever without the express written consent of Elvis Lester. This includes any copying, transferring, reproduction or transmission of any content or media, recorded or otherwise. Please note that our products are for educational and entertainment purposes. We do not offer the products found here on the website as an alternative to private treatment or healthcare related services. We considerately advise you to seek the advice and care of a qualified and licensed healing arts practitioner to address any concerns you may have prior to using our products. By clicking on and using our media or proceeding with the purchase of our products you confirm that you have read the above and agree to the LEARN USA Terms and Policies.

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